Exhibitor tips

To help you to prepare your participation in the trade exhibition, it  would be useful to see a free webinar  entitled ‘How to succeed in the  Russian building market’ hosted by ITE Group. The webinar  deals with  the challenges associated with meeting potential clients  in Russia,  particularly in a building exhibition, and explains how to overcome   them - providing you with a step by step guide designed to optimize your   investment.  

- How to build relationships in Russia’s building  market  
- How to use exhibitions to reach Russian buyers  
- How to  attract visitors to an exhibition stand  
- What to do and what not to do  at trade events  
- Why Russia’s building market is recovering  
- And  many more tips and tricks for succeeding in Russia.   

The webinar  was hosted  in English by Nikolai Karasev, director of the ExpoEffect consulting  company.