Before the show


Success of your participation in the show depends on how well you have identified the purpose of your participation in the exhibition and how well you prepared your participation, while the preparation itself starts long before your arrival to Moscow and the official opening of the exhibition.

Marketing, promotion and technical support

Using the complex of our marketing and technical services, you will be able:

  • to get more market information;
  • to inform potential clients about your intention to participate in the show , and to invite  them to visit your booth;
  • to maximize marketing opportunities of the exhibition itself;
  • to prepare to the exhibition taking into consideration cross-cultural competences and language barrier;
  • to hold pre-show PR campaign;
  • to have your marketing materials translated into Russian;
  • to get your promo materials at your booth in time;
  • to plan your stand layout and design your booth in accordance with the aims of your company.

Our services include


  • Brief analytical summary
  • Market research

attraction of potential clients

  • Data base 
  • EDM 
  • Telemarketing


  • Landing-page  in Russian
  • SEO-optimization, context search in searching Engines (Yandex-direct etc.)
  • E-banners at professional web-portals

event opportunities

  • Info in the news section on the event web-site
  • Inclusion in the mail-shots by the organizers
  • Catalogue entry preparation in Russian
  • Other marketing opportunities provided by the organizers

PR support

  • Press-releases and news releases  for professional off-line and online media
  • Adverts in the professional on-line media -  in Russian
  • Adverts in the professional off-line media – in Russian
  • News jacking based on the day-to-day news monitoring
  • Video reels adapted into Russian

Production of marketing materials  in Russian

  • Brochures,  leaflets, flyers
  • Business cards
  • Roll-ups
  • Souvenirs
  • Posters  and placards

Stand design and stand construction

  • Assistance in selection of stand-builder
  • Stand design and layout